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Get tips on Facials Pacoima

Facials are capable of leaving your skin glowing and invigorated, which is especially true if performed by professional aestheticians in Pacoima. Through the procedure, your aesthetician will get rid of dead cells, exfoliate your skin and free clogged pores. They will also apply treatments that will moisturize your skin in addition to removing fine lines and wrinkles. After the treatment, your skin will temporarily become extremely sensitive to touch, to chemicals and sun rays. And as such, there are things that you should avoid doing to get the most out of your facials in Pacoima, some of which are illustrated below.

Do Not Apply Makeup

You should avoid wearing any makeup right after getting a facial. Instead, wait for about 4 to 24 hours. This is because your pores are usually open and applying makeup will clog them, which might lead to the breakout of pimples and blackheads. Skipping makeup after a facial will also enhance your glow and afford you a refreshed feeling in the long run.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Most facials involve peeling of the outer most layer of your skin, which is substantially comprised of dead cells. The procedure serves to give you a fresh look by enhancing your complexion and reversing the adverse effects of the accumulating dead skin cells. However, the removal of the top layer makes your skin extremely sensitive to sunlight. You may avoid the direct glare of sunlight by using high-quality sunscreens while also limiting exposure to the sun. Zinc and Titanium oxide are the prime ingredients you should look for when buying sunscreen. This is because they prevent UV rays from being absorbed into your skin.

Do not get into the Sauna or a Steam Room

It is virtually impossible to avoid sweating, but after a facial, you shouldn’t visit the Sauna, steam room or gym. This is because the skilled aestheticians in Pacoima utilize medical grade skin care products that render your skin tender and fresh. Exposing it to excessive heat from a hot shower or sauna immediately after your facial will cause irritation, breakouts, and redness. Instead, allow your skin to enjoy some freedom from the dead skin cells and clogged pores for a while before exposing it to heat.

Don’t Pick on Your Skin

Sometimes, breakouts will appear on your skin right after a facial especially if the procedure did not include deep cleansing. While a facial can rid your skin of dirt and excessive oils, some might be embedded too deep to remove easily, and hence lead to breakouts after your treatment. When these pimples appear, try and resist the temptation to squeeze or pick them. Picking your skin without professional help can lead to scarring, broken capillaries or even more breakouts. Instead, you should wait until the congestion rises to your skin surface and have them extracted by the skilled aestheticians offering facials in Pacoima.

Healthy skin will go a long way in improving your overall appearance. Having a great facial appearance can also raise your self-confidence. Facials provide an ideal skin care solution to skin conditions like acne, blackheads, and pimples, and following these tips will help you get the most out of your treatments. To get unrivaled facial procedures from professional aestheticians in Pacoima, you may want to contact Angie. Also serving residents in Van Nuys.

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