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What you need to know about Facials in Reseda

The facial is the type of treatment that cleans pores, exfoliates away the dead cells of the skin with the use of routine cover. Facial microdermabrasion is not- disturbing procedure which uses different methods of exfoliation surfaces and very small crystals to get rid of dead skin cells. The removal of this dead skin cells gives room for new skin cells. For the face, this procedure takes about half an hour. Facial and microdermabrasion make the skin look healthier and younger. Things that happen during a facial.

Before the start of any facial, consultations, must be made to determine the right products for your skin type. After the consultations are over then the procedure commences. The facial involves the following steps.


A cleanser is massaged into the neck, face to remove any traces of dirt. This is followed by the use of a facial sponge soaked with warm water to remove the clean by aestheticians. This is followed by wiping the face dry then the skin is evaluated to determine the type of mask to apply in another stage.


At this stage, the aesthetician will get rid of dead skin cells by use of an exfoliation cream or use steam to open up the pores.


Extractions is a procedure done to clean individual pores which have been closed or clogged with too much oil and dead skin. The procedure can be done either by hand or some kind of metal tool.


To improve lymphatic drainage, the upper part of the body and the phase get massaged. This is necessary for any typical facial.

Masks and others

At this stage, a custom mask is applied by aestheticians. This mask may be that of clay which helps to treat oily faces. The mask also hydrates the skin to help fight dryness. To finish the procedure, a serum is applied, followed by a moisturizer and to top it up, if it is a sunny day, a sunscreen is done.

Cost of a facial

Facial prices vary according to the type of treatments used. For a facial which includes microdermabrasion or any kind of special peel will cost higher than normal facial at around $85.

Benefits of facial

Facials thoroughly cleanse the skin and they help in fighting some skin problems like dryness and acne. Because the skin is rejuvenated, the skin is left glowing and will be more relaxed due to the massage element.

Microdermabrasion helps to remove uneven pigmentation, clogged pores and fine lines are cleaned.

Facial for men

They are a lot more like a woman’s facials. The only difference is that they are formulated to meet men’s unique needs. The facials also deal with men’s problem, i.e. razor burn and malformed hairs, sensitivity, and dryness.

Looking for an experienced aesthetician in Reseda for a professional facial? Worry not for we have got the best for you, just contact Angie and your problem will be solved. A facial is the best procedure you can undergo to make your skin look younger and bright. Best facial spa also serves residents in the city of  Canoga Park

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